Sony LSPX-S1

The Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker

When it comes to wireless portable speakers, Sony has made an amazing mark to many of its avid fans and audiophiles. Starting from the minimalistic Sony SRS-X series Bluetooth Speakers to their present, innovative and smart home products, Sony Life Space UX division, everything they introduce to us are absolutely amazing.

Sony LSPX-S1

The Sony Life Space UX transforms a room into something innovative and smart. This technology includes light bulb speakers and short-throw projectors to name a few. However, there is one part of the new line that will really catch your attention, not because of its price, but because it has a cool design. This is the Sony Glass Sound Speaker.

Sony’s Glass Sound Speaker is not your typical wireless portable speaker. It is a part wireless Bluetooth speaker and part LED bulb that is dimmable and looks like a flame. Unlike Sony’s light bulb speakers that need to be attached to a socket, the Sony Glass Sound Speaker is portable and can be used while moving around freely. It has an integrated rechargeable battery that power up the glass speaker for up to four (4) hours. If you want it to work for longer hours, you can also leave it plugged in an outlet.

Sony LSPX-S1

Yes, this wireless Bluetooth speaker is absolutely stunning, thanks to its premium transparent design and integrated LED light. But there is a bit of a catch because this one has got an $800 price tag. It is a true shocker in its case if you are one who doesn’t consider buying high/premium priced products.

By using Sony’s SongPal app (available for both Android and iOS), you can be able to dim the Glass Sound Speaker’s LED light as well as adjust its volume. If you prefer not using your phone to control these functions, don’t worry because the lighting and volume controls are hidden on the bottom of the glass speaker.

For its sound quality, this wireless portable speaker delivers smooth and strong treble and midrange. What makes the sound delivery better is that this Bluetooth speaker disperses omnidirectional sound or 360-degree sound similar to that of the popular UE Boom Bluetooth Speakers.

Sony’s Glass Sound Speaker delivers well with its sound quality. It has an amazing design that once you turn your eyes on it, you would instantly desire to have one. However, if you are one who really looks for great sounding portable Bluetooth speakers, then there’s a whole lot more other brands to consider.

If the design and the functionality of simply playing music in your innovative and smart home is what you really want, well we couldn’t deny not recommending the glass speakers to you. With its premium design, plus a complementing sound, the Sony Glass Sound Speaker will blend into your home.

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