The Japanese tech giant, Sony, has been surprising us with many varieties of portable wireless speakers these days. Start with the tiny, ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker, Sony SRS-BTV5 and Sony SRS-X11, to the powerful portable Bluetooth Speaker, Sony SRS-X55. All of these have been a great talk to many audiophiles out there which led us to wonder how these portable speakers work.Aside from the Sony SRS-BTV5, SRS-X11, and SRS-X55, we have another portable Bluetooth speaker from Sony to review. This is the Sony SRS-X33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

So what’s with the Sony SRS-X33? This portable speaker is very compact and features many outstanding features that an audiophile, like you, will absolutely want to have. It packs an amazing sound quality for its size, has portable, lightweight, and elegant design, long battery life, NFC-enabled, has built-in speakerphone capability, and last but not the least, has an affordable price.

To know more about the Sony SRS-X33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker, read more of our review below.


Sony SRSX33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Performance

A word to describe the Sony SRS-X33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker’s performance? Impressive. This means that our team were very much surprised and, at the same time, very much impressed with how this portable Bluetooth speaker delivers.

With regards to its sound performance, the Sony SRS-X33 delivers an absolutely overwhelming crisp, clear, and detailed sound considering that it has a very compact size. This Sony speaker performs really well that it made us enjoy Drake’s latest music, “Hotline Bling”. While playing the song, we observed this portable speaker to produce sounds that are very much balanced, having the highs and mids to be perfectly produced.

It also plays loud for its size. Although, one thing we found out is its distorting sound when the volume is set at the highest level. Yes, this means that when you stream your favorite, loud, and bass-intensive tracks at the highest volume level, the Sony SRS-X33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker tends to distort. But on a positive note, in order for you to avoid this, you can still play music even at moderate volume level which is already loud for us.

Another is its bass output. The bass performance of the Sony SRS-X33 was also very impressive. To mention again, this portable Bluetooth speaker has a tiny, compact size but having a powerful bass delivery is surprising. So if you are in to listening bass-demanding or bass-intensive music, then we would absolutely recommend to you having the Sony SRS-X33.

Last in its performance is the battery life. The Sony SRS-X33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker packs a rechargeable battery that juices it up for a long duration of up to 12 hours. With this, your party wouldn’t be spoiled for half a day.

Sony SRSX33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Design

Just like any other Sony portable speakers that have been offered to the market nowadays, its design comes down to just being simply elegant. Its minimalistic design has captured a lot of attention especially to music and audio electronic lovers that prefers these kinds of design. We love how Sony designs these portable wireless speakers.

The Sony SRS-X33 is also like them. Similar to its other variations, the Sony SRS-X33 looks very plain yet an eye-candy, having the rectangular form, smooth edges, different colors, and functional designs. It measures 2.4 x 7.3 x 2.3 inches and weighs only 1.6 pounds, making it very much portable, lightweight, and easy to carry around all day.

On top of the speaker is where all of the buttons are found: Power, Volume Adjustment, Bluetooth Pairing, Sound Enhancement (which is used to make sound production clearer and more crisp), and Phone Answer/End. While on the front and back panel of the speaker is where the speaker grille is found, covering the two 34mm speaker drivers.

Aside from that, on the back panel is where the ports are placed: a micro-USB port for charging purposes and 3.5mm audio input for wired connections (although no 3.5mm audio cable is included in the package). On the bottom of the speaker is where a rubberized material is built in order to serve as a stopper when the Sony SRS-X33 is playing with strong bass tracks.

The Sony SRS-X33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available in blue, red, black, and white.

Sony SRSX33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Connectivity

There are three connectivity options you could choose from using this Sony portable speaker. You can use Bluetooth, use the easy “tap-to-pair” NFC technology, or just use the wired connection via the 3.5mm audio input. When we tested the connectivity features of the Sony SRS-X33, we haven’t found any issues at all.

Lastly, the feature most audiophiles must be looking for when it comes to portable wireless speaker is the speakerphone capability. Fortunately, the Sony SRS-X33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker has this feature. It has a built-in microphone that enables this Sony speaker to function and double as a speakerphone, allowing you to make or answer wireless phone calls from your smartphone.

The quality was also impressive. Just like its sound performance, we also found that the quality for the speakerphone was very clear and crisp.


  Impressive sound quality and strong bass output for its size   Distorts at higher volume levels
  Long battery life
  Portable, compact, eye-candy design
  NFC support
If you are in a tight budget or just simply looking for the best tiny, compact portable wireless speaker to have, we would suggest the Sony SRS-X33 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It has many amazing features that every audiophile is looking for, plus it is also very affordable!