If you are searching for a portable Bluetooth speaker for your daily audiophile need, one you should check out is the Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.In spite of a very compact size, the Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker can deliver powerful sound. It doesn’t just end there, this Sony speaker packs other amazing features that will absolutely impress you.

Aside from a very impressive powerful sound quality, the Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker has a nice design that will shift everyone’s attention to it. If you’re looking for one to accompany you with your music, you better check out this portable Bluetooth speaker by Sony because it has a lot more features that you can find out.

Know more about the Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker by reading our review below.

Sony SRSX55

Sony SRSX55 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Performance

When it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, you will find a lot of them being offered in the market nowadays. Start with the UE Boom, Sol Republic Deck, Bose SoundLink Mini II, or even the AmazonBasic Bluetooth Speaker. Although there are thousands of portable Bluetooth speakers presented to us, we can really tell which one is good and which one is bad. A good portable Bluetooth speaker you should check out is the Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Why did we say so? It is because this portable speaker has big, balance sound for a small, compact size. When we tested this portable speaker, we haven’t got any clue whether this one is going to deliver with great sound but once the music streamed from our smartphone started, we were truly surprised with it.

The Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker produces clear, crisp, and clean sound even at a high volume level. That should have been made possible by the two 38mm drivers that front the speaker. The treble was nicely delivered while the mids and highs were met with good quality.

Aside from good sound performance, the bass output was also surprisingly impressive. The Sony SRS-X55 is built with a 58mm mini woofer and passive radiators that enabled it to output a quite powerful amount of bass.

One thing you should know though with regards to sound delivery, especially if you are very keen with it, is the sound direction. What is this? Unlike Ultimate Ear’s Boom which produces a 360-degree sound output, the Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is only omni-directional. This means that the sound being delivered from this Sony speaker comes out only in one direction, which is the front of the speaker. In order to hear or experience the audio, you either need to face it directly to you or place it near your ears.

For the battery life, Sony claims it to perform for up to 10 hours. We found this accurate as our Sony SRS-X55 continued to stream our music for up to that duration of play time. Its battery is rechargeable so you can recharge it via an AC adapter if in case the battery dies on you.

Sony SRSX55 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Design

Similar to the Sony SRS-X11 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker, the SRS-X55 also has a nice design. Two words to describe the Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker? Clean and simple.

This portable Bluetooth speaker measures 8.8 x 4.8 x 2 inches, rectangular in shape, and weighs at 2.6 pounds. For us, it is really designed to be conveniently carried with you. Another thing about the Sony SRS-X55 is that it is mostly made of plastic but is designed with a metallic finish so instead of looking cheap, this portable speaker actually looks like a premium one.

The Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is designed in rectangular form, with round edges to add aesthetics to its design. At the front of the speaker is where the speaker grille is found. On the top part is where the buttons for standard controls (Power On/Off, Call Answer/End, Volume Up/Down, Bluetooth Pairing, Audio In, and Sound) are found.

We love how the buttons are designed because most of it is actually touch-gesture enabled. Meanwhile at its back is where another speaker grille is placed while below it is where the ports for the AC charging adapter, 3.5mm audio input, reset, and USB output are found.

Sony really focused on simplicity. Although it looks really simple, we can say that the Sony SRS-X55 also looked elegant. Note that this portable Bluetooth Speaker is only available in Black.

Sony SRSX55 Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Connectivity

The Sony SRS-X55 can be easily connected with our iPhones and Android smartphones. This Sony speaker can be connected with devices via Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio cable, or NFC. For the Bluetooth pairing, connecting it was very fast and easy because all we did was simply press the Bluetooth button and search for it at our device’s Bluetooth settings.

What we also like was the NFC “tap and play” of the Sony SRS-X55 because it made connecting our Nexus 5x a swift task. If in case you prefer using wired connections, then there’s also the input or port for the Audio In, which can be used through a 3.5mm cable.

Lastly, you should also know that the Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is built with a microphone enabling it to double as a speakerphone. The speakerphone capability of this portable speaker was actually nice but in comparison, we would say that Fugoo Style’s speakerphone quality was way better.


  Big, powerful sound and bass output Omni-directional sound
  Clean, simple, yet elegant design
  NFC support
So in case you’re looking for a compact, portable Bluetooth speaker to purchase, one you can consider is this: Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It has the features that makes it a worthy contender like impressive sound and bass quality, 10- hour battery life, clean and simple design, NFC support, and a speakerphone capability.