As audiophiles, audio quality is very important. In jamming with our favourite tracks, the sound coming from our phone’s speaker is not enough. That is why many companies offer something that satisfy our need and search for amazing speakers. Here come the portable speakers.

By now you may have known the latest portable speaker offered in the market. And it is not just an average portable speaker because this one has a lot to offer.Introducing, the UE Boom, the portable speaker that you can bring everywhere you go, be it indoors or outdoors.

The UE Boom, or the Ultimate Ears Boom, is a product of Logitech, a Swiss company providing wide array of product categories such as personal computers, tablet accessories, computer speakers, headphones, wireless audio speakers, and many more.

UE Boom’s maker is indeed known or considered to be one of the rising contenders in the portable speaker category and we have witnessed that.In our review of this portable speaker, we tested and observed its performance, design, and connectivity. To give you something from these, we could say that UE Boom is a very impressive portable speaker.

To add, UE Boom is worth the buy.At the price of $200.00, you can now have one of these. Though somewhat pricey for a portable speaker compared from those of its competitors, UE Boom can still be very considerable because of the features it have. The UE Boom has that value any audiophiles would want.

UE Boom – Performance

The UE Boom is a compact portable wireless speaker with an outstanding performance. From the start, we already thought that this one has that “something”. This means that the UE Boom is not just an average portable speaker that just sounds “OK”. Instead, the UE Boom sounds better than other portable speakers being offered in the market. That is why it is called UE Boom, because it has that “Boom” factor.In terms of sound delivery, the UE Boom produces an impressively clear, crisp, detailed, and full sound. In addition, the UE Boom plays very loud for its size. Part of the UE Boom are two 1.5 inch drivers and two 2 inch passive radiators that enable this portable speaker to deliver notable sound and bass.We tried the UE Boom with different tracks and different music genres and as far as we tested this portable speaker with those tracks, it performs best with acoustic tracks. This may be because the UE Boom delivers at strong midrange. So, in terms of handling low and high mids, the UE Boom certainly stands out. But if you want it to have a more powerful sound delivery, Logitech suggests you to have two UE Booms connected with each other.

As what Logitech marketed, the UE Boom produces a 360 degrees sound so the sound delivery of this portable speaker can be heard in any place surrounded with this, will you be in the front of it or at its back.

The UE Boom’s performance in producing an admirable sound is one factor that helps you consider it in your list, although one thing that falls short is the bass response or bass performance. It does not deliver the amount of bass you will expect with this kind of portable speaker. In addition, if you get to play it with tracks requiring a heavy amount of bass, the UE Boom struggles in keeping with it. Also, while playing it with the bass-heavy track and loud volumes, the sound gets distorted.

For the longevity of its performance, the UE Boom stays up to 15 hours of playback in a single full charge (via USB). If you want to keep it performing for a full day, like estimated 12 hours of battery life, then we recommend you to keep it playing in its modest volume levels. Still, the battery life of UE Boom is really lengthy for its kind, which is something we are also really captivated.

UE Boom – Design

The design of the UE Boom is really great. One, it looks cool and two, it is really functional! Its company, Logitech, put up some work with its minimalist and functional design.UE Boom is available in six exciting colors: moss green, red, blue, pink, white, and black. It is designed to have a cylindrical body, like a shape of a large energy drink can, covering the interior parts such as the drivers and radiators. Though considering its unique shape, the UE Boom is designed to be positioned in either vertically or horizontally.
Also, it measures 2.5 inches in diameter and lightweight in just 1.2 pounds. The UE Boom is small enough for you to bring anywhere you go.Another feature that makes it stand out is its design of being a waterproof or water resistant speaker. The UE Boom’s body is created with rubberized finish and coated with a water resistant mesh. So you do not have to worry about getting it damaged when you drop it in the water. Also you get to wash the UE Boom whenever you want it to be cleaned.As we mentioned, the UE Boom has a minimalistic design. The buttons are very simple and minimal which are placed on the side of the speaker. The buttons composes of only the large volume controls (on the side), power button on the opposite end, and the tiny button for Bluetooth pairing. Another part of the UE Boom is the ports for the 3.5mm input and the USB connector, the microphone pinhole, and the threaded tripod mount.

UE Boom – Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, we did not find any problems with the UE Boom.The portable speaker connects via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm input (for non-Bluetooth devices). Pairing our devices with the UE Boom was also very easy.The UE Boom also has the capability to remember up to eight devices that has been paired with it before. With this, setting up your device again with the UE Boom is very convenient. By the way, UE Boom support NFC so you can really connect or pair it with your devices (supported also with NFC) in just a simple tap.

For the range, the UE Boom can deliver up to 50 feet range, a very good range for a portable speaker this size. We tried to test whether it is true, and we found it to be true. Although do not get to connect with it as far as 50 and above feet because that is when you get to experience distortions and even connection cuts.

Lastly, this portable speaker has the ability to serve as a speakerphone. So with this, you can make or receive phone call through the UE Boom. For the quality of sound and connection while using it as a speakerphone seemed to be satisfying. We asked the other line if what they can tell with the quality and they said the sound was clear.


Speakerphone Capability

Minimalist and Rugged Design Low Bass Performance or Response
Weatherproofing Quite Pricey
Sound Quality
Battery Life
The UE Boom, a portable speaker that has a lot of features to offer considering its price of $200. We really like this portable speaker because of its sound performance, its minimalist and useful design, range, and battery life. Having this is really worth our money! If you are looking for a portable speaker with great features, then UE Boom is a perfect choice.