If you are an audiophile like us, then you are probably longing for the newest device of Logitech’s subsidiary, Ultimate Ears. Last time, this company has been the talk in the portable Bluetooth speakers category because of its UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker. Indeed, many have come to the stores to have one of these, which include us. The quality of that portable speaker was great. Until recently, Logitech’s Ultimate Ears has once again devoted themselves to offering another portable speaker, the UE Mini Boom.

The younger or junior version of the UE Boom, the UE Mini Boom is a rising contender in the entry-level portable speaker category. As we reviewed the UE Mini Boom, we would say that this portable speaker is very likable. It has a lot of things for you to like while small things to dislike. For us, this portable speaker is worth your money and pocket.

At the price of $90.00, you can now have one of these. This is really affordable for such a small portable speaker! Note that although it is small and has lower price, the UE Mini Boom’s quality is never compromised. In fact, it has a bit more something to offer than its quite similar bigger version; something that you can also get more for your money.

UE Mini Boom – Performance

Once the UE Mini Boom was delivered to us, we were absolutely and instantly thrilled to test this portable speaker. Thinking that it was a small portable speaker, our impression was also small. This means that we thought the UE Mini Boom performs just like the other small portable speakers, we tried and tested, that sounds just “OK”.

Well, our first impression was wrong. UE Mini Boom’s performance was great for its size. Honestly, the UE Mini Boom really has that “Boom” factor.

UE Mini Boom can deliver a decent sound considering it is a small portable speaker. Also, the audio it produces are impressively loud and clear. The sound was really richer and cleaner, especially if compared to its predecessor, the UE Boom. But do not force this portable speaker to be at the highest volume because the sound is better if the volume is at the range of 6-8.

With regards to the range, UE Mini Boom has satisfyingly met our expectation. It provides a good amount of midrange that makes music streaming tremendously enjoyable. In the addition, the bass quality of the UE Mini Boom is better than the UE Boom. Compared from the UE Boom, the bass of the UE Mini Boom is slightly improved or enhanced. On the other side, although it cranks up a tiny bit of bass, you are still going to find a difference of its bass performance from other larger, bass-intensive, portable speakers. Indeed, tiny portable speakers have limitations.

As far as the battery performance is concerned, the UE Mini Boom suits up a good battery. You can use the UE Mini Boom for up to 10 hours. This is quite lengthy battery life for a small portable speaker. The charging duration takes up to 4 hours which is a bit time-consuming but still we think that the battery is decent for its kind.

UE Mini Boom – Design

As what we mentioned, the UE Mini Boom has features based from its bigger version. One is the design.

Logitech’s Ultimate Ears really focused on minimalist and functional design. The UE Mini Boom is one of the products of this focus. Being a tiny portable speaker, the UE Mini Boom plays its part because it is literally quite small and lightweight at 301g. This portable speaker is available in different colors such as black, red, purple, green, yellow, and orange.

Like the UE Boom, the UE Mini Boom is designed with a rugged feel. The exterior has a rubberized case that doesn’t only serve as an aesthetic but also functions as a bumper to protect it from drops, bumps, or scratches, as well as a stopper to suspend it from moving while playing bass-heavy tracks. The shape of this portable speaker is rectangular, with curved edges, just like other portable speakers out there. The speaker grill looks also the same with the UE Boom.

For its parts, the UE Mini Boom composes of the front and rear metal grills, top volume and Bluetooth pair button panels and microphone hole, and the switch button, Micro USB charging port, and a 3.5mm input at the back.

If you haven’t noticed, the UE Mini Boom has a bit of a flaw when it comes to its buttons. Yes, this portable speaker does not have the skip/rewind buttons. It is a hassle for us because in order to control our tracks, we need to attend to our device instead of controlling the tracks directly from the speaker.

Though having a limitation, for the overall design, this portable speaker is still outstanding and pleasing to the eye.

UE Mini Boom – Connectivity

Connecting our devices to this portable speaker was never a problem.

The UE Mini Boom is designed to connect with any devices via Bluetooth. As long as your device supports Bluetooth, then you are good to go. For other devices that do not have Bluetooth capability, this portable speaker can be used by plugging it to the built-in 3.5mm auxiliary port.

Pairing was also simple. All you need to do is press the Bluetooth pair button at the top of the portable speaker and wait for your device to connect. If done, then congratulations!

Another feature the UE Mini Boom have is the NFC pairing. This brings more convenience in pairing our devices to the portable speaker. We also did not found any problem with the NFC pairing capability.

We tested the range of the Bluetooth connection of the UE Mini Boom and as what it has claimed to be up to 50 feet, we confirm that this is true. The UE Mini Boom rocks this feature without any distortions or connection cuts.

Additionally, this portable speaker has the ability to pair with two devices via Bluetooth and partner up wirelessly with another UE Mini Boom to produce better and louder sound, termed as “stereo mode”.

As suggested by Ultimate Ears, you can have better control of the UE Mini Boom if you install their notable iOS or Android app. Through the app, customization’s, learning guides, and other settings are easier to reach.

Lastly, aside from the other packed features, the UE Mini Boom can serve as a speakerphone. With this, you can easily make and receive phone calls, and converse with your families or friends from your devices.


Minimalist and Functional Design Sound Quality (at the highest volume level)
Sound Quality (at recommended volume levels) Low Bass Performance
Battery Life No Skip/Rewind Buttons
Speakerphone Capability
Affordable Price
The UE Mini Boom has a lot of features to offer considering its size and price. Examples are its sound quality, battery life, and numerous connectivity features. Comparing it from its predecessor or its older version, the UE Mini Boom is really worth your money. If you are someone who looks for affordable yet feature packed portable speakers, then this portable Bluetooth speaker, UE Mini Boom is highly recommended for you.