When the Ultimate Ears started shipping the UE Roll in the market, we were really excited to have one and review it. When we got it, we were not disappointed. The UE Roll is a nice portable speaker that offers amazing features for its size.Now, Ultimate Ears has once again introduced a new version of the first, with the UE Roll 2.

This portable speaker offers a couple of considerable improvements from its original version, including a louder and 15% better (according to UE) sound quality as well as a longer wireless connectivity range of up to 98 feet. The UE Roll 2 is completely “IPX7 waterproof” so you can take into the water and submerge it. However, it does not float which means that you have to use the UE Floatie (inflatable life preserver) so you can take this wireless speaker with you into the pool and keep it above water.


The UE Roll 2 looks similar to the first version, with a disc/saucer-like shape. It is also still lightweight at 11.6 ounces, close to UE Roll’s weight at 11.6 ounces. The bungee cord is also maintained and integrated in the new version which works really well especially if you want to just hang it onto the showerhead or attach it to your backpack while hiking.

Aside from the design, the battery performance of the UE Roll 2 portable speaker is the same at around 9 hours. That’s a decent battery life for a wireless speaker considering its functionality and small design.

For the wireless connection, it has been improved to have a steady connection. We tested it and connected the wireless speaker to our Android device via Bluetooth. We stood at about 40 feet away from the wireless speaker and there we were impressed. The sound quality was never compromised as the Bluetooth connection was hiccup-free plus no distortions were observed with the streaming.

Sound Performance

The sound quality of the UE Roll 2 is pretty decent considering its size. For its micro or small size, this portable Bluetooth speaker delivers fine, natural, and crisp sound that is pretty much similar to the first version. Yet if you are someone who listens to bass intensive tracks, then don’t expect much from the UE Roll 2. The bass coming from this portable speaker is not that strong compared to other bigger portable Bluetooth speakers out there.

If you want to make the party more fun and exciting by playing louder music, then you can connect two (2) UE Roll 2’s together and amplify the sound.



The UE Roll 2 is worth checking out. If you have the first version, then having this newer portable speaker may be a consideration for you. For its size, this wireless speaker compacts numerous decent features. It is available in different colors to compliments your personality: Tropical Anime, Volcano, Reef, Sugarplum, Habanero, and Atmosphere. UE Roll 2 sells at a price of $100.