Many of today’s portable wireless Bluetooth speakers are just common. That’s the truth. We cannot deny that, as consumers, we get tired of looking at the same portable wireless Bluetooth speakers being displayed on racks. Thanks to UE, our feelings of emptiness from traditional portable speakers are gone.UE, or Ultimate Ears (Logitech’s subsidiary for its audio devices), has once again added an awesome portable wireless Bluetooth speakers to its line. From the UE Boom, UE Mini Boom, to its UE Megaboom, this company has created a portable speaker that is out from the traditional and ordinary. They call it the UE Roll!

UE ROLL 360 Review


UE Roll 360 Review

Yes, the UE Roll 360 is the fourth portable wireless Bluetooth speaker in Ultimate Ear’s line. We are really impressed with how Ultimate Ears produce their portable speakers. They are really great on not disappointing audiophiles like us. Why? It’s because of the great features you can get from their portable speakers, from its functionality to its visually-stunning designs. So when the Ultimate Ears announced their new addition to their portable wireless Bluetooth speaker line, no doubt that it would be really pleasing. And we’re right. The UE Roll 360 is really a crowd-pleaser.

For a price of $99.99, you can own one of the six variations of the UE Roll. If you ask, would the Roll give justice to its price of about a hundred dollars? Let’s see.

So, here is our UE ROLL 360 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Product Review

UE ROLL 360 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Performance

When it comes to the UE Roll’s sound, we would say that it comes out really great from a portable speaker this size. Considering how compact and small (compared from other portable speaker) its size is, alongside how it is priced at a hundred dollars, UE Roll is designed to perform well and deliver sound that is wide, clear, and strong. Even at higher volumes, its sound quality doesn’t give up at all. By the way, if you want to have stronger and wider sound delivery, you can pair additional UE Rolls together through its dedicated iOS or Android app.

UE ROLL 360 Review

Though the Roll produces powerful sound, the bass performance, which everyone would probably be asking about, is not much. We tried the UE Roll with tracks accompanied with heavy bass and we found out that it delivers a little, but not enough bass compared to others. On a lighter note, comparing the Roll from other compact portable speakers out there, at least it still has got some bass.

How about UE Roll’s power? Well, the UE Roll is packed with a rechargeable battery with a battery life of up to 9 hours. Its battery life is already good for a portable speaker of its size.

 UE ROLL 360 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Design

We are a fan of UE’s visually-stunning portable speakers. We love how they design their portable speakers in a way that it becomes appealing to us and to others.

The design of the Roll is borrowed from its older brothers, like the UE Boom, except only that the Roll is shaped in a circular form, like a saucer or a tiny UFO. It’s compact and lightweight at 11.7 ounces.

UE covered the Roll with fabric mesh as the protective grille for its tweeters while a rubber enclosure at its back. Just like other UE’s portable speakers, the giant “plus” and “minus” signs are still present, only that it is placed on the fabric grille of the UE Roll.

UE ROLL 360 Review

Addition to its design is a bungee cord attached at the back rubber enclosure that serves many purposes (one of which can be used to hang the Roll anywhere like in a shower head). You can find the power button and the Bluetooth pairing button on the speaker’s side while the 3.5mm input for wired connection and the microUSB input for charging can be found covered at the back part where the bungee cord is connected.

In addition, the UE Roll is completely waterproof. It is IPX7 certified, which means that this portable speaker can be submerged. Although it can be used on pools, take note that the Roll cannot float, BUT you can add a floater (additional accessory) to make it float while you’re in a pool party.

UE Roll is available in six vibrant designs: Atmosphere, Pinata, Reef, Sriracha, Sugarplum, and Volcano.

 UE ROLL 360 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Connectivity

Roll’s connectivity includes wireless and wired connections.

It connects via Bluetooth for wireless connections from your devices that support Bluetooth as well. If you ask for its range or how far it can connect with your device, the answer for that is 65 feet.

If you don’t have devices that support Bluetooth or just prefer wired connections, the UE Roll is built with a 3.5mm input.

For us, getting our devices connected with the UE Roll was not a problem. It was really easy and convenient.

By the way, the UE Roll does not function as a speakerphone. So no conference calls with this portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. Oh-oh.


Sound Quality Low Bass Performance
Visually-stunning Design No Speakerphone Capability
No connectivity issues


Ultimate Ears has once again impressed us with their new portable speaker, the UE Roll. It has great features that make it stand out from common or tradition portable wireless Bluetooth speakers. It even gives justice to its $99.99 price tag because of its powerful sound, eye-catching design, and convenient connection capabilities. We would absolutely recommend this!