Many speakers are made by manufacturers to focus more on the design rather than the sound quality. This is the reason why many sound bars are designed to be small – just like the all new Vizio SB4551-D5. At least, a consideration comes to its appealing design and a better sound delivery than the built-in speakers of your ordinary TV.

There are numerous brands that offer an enhanced home theatre speakers system. Include in the list of brands are those of Bose, LG, Sonos, Polk Audio, and Paradigm. We were impressed by their sound bars because of the design and sound quality, but in spite of all this, one Chinese-American company tries to stand out in the home theatre speaker system market. This is Vizio.

The Vizio SB4551-D5 is a stand out, being one of the best sound bars that you can buy for your home theatre. It is not only a single sound bar but also includes actual speakers (that create an impressive sound that a single sound bar cannot) and a separate subwoofer (that you can position in a discreet location). The Vizio SB4551-D5 is a complete component that creates an astounding sound delivery that is truly worth a buy, all that comes in a $500 price tag.


The Vizio SB4551-D5 is named for a reason and that is where you can easily know the sound bar’s measurement. This sound bar measures 45-inch wide, 2-inches high and deep, all designed from faux aluminum and black steel mesh.


On top of the sound bar is where a line of controls are found, including the power, input selection, Bluetooth pairing connection, and the usual volume up and down. If you are looking for an on-screen display on its frontage to display information, then don’t expect too much because unfortunately only a series of small dots are placed. However, one feature that can still up the game is Vizio’s well-designed and easy-to-read remote control that does the display of inputs and other information.

As mentioned, the Vizio comes with a subwoofer. It is big flat box enclosing an 8-inch subwoofer. This one measures at 3.5 inches tall and is slim enough for you to keep it in any location you prefer. The subwoofer connects to the actual speakers via cable.


For the $500 price tag, the Vizio SB4551-D5 offers a great package compared to other companies that will only offer you a 2.1-channel sound bar. This one includes the subwoofer and rear speakers that perform really well.

The SB4551-D5 features inputs adding up to your options. These include an HDMI input and output, coaxial and optical digital port, 3.5 mm analog, USB, as well as Bluetooth and 802.11n wireless. Another impressive part with the sound bar is that it comes with an Ethernet port.

There is a good feature that makes the new Amazon Echo Dot an impressive smart home speaker. You can now connect it with existing speakers and other audio devices via two connections: via Bluetooth and via cable. Using this feature, you can make the Echo Dot whatever speakers you prefer.

SmartCast System

The SmartCast system is similar to Google’s version, Google Cast, although the SmartCast system has some extra functionality integrated to it – including support for Vizio sound bars and smart speakers. SmartCast has been introduced by Vizio together with the release of their 2016 TV line.

With the SmartCast system, you can stream music apps and services. That includes the most used music apps like Pandora and Spotify. As it works well with Chromecast, you can also be able to connect it with the Vizio sound bar, as long as you tap the little Cast icon.

The SmartCast system by Vizio is compatible with Apple and Android devices. With its app, you can be able to control the sound bar’s settings. Additionally, you can be able to set up the whole Vizio components as a multi-room system. You can also connect the components with other devices like the Chromecast Audio and other Google Cast-compatible devices such as the Polk MagniFi Mini Sound Bar.


So how can we setup the Vizio SB4551-D5? Well, the setup may be a bit complicated than any other average sound bar. Firstly, you have to hook up the all of the surround speakers to its subwoofer via wired connection. Once connected, you can use the remote to control every functions: the bass, treble, subwoofer volume, the on/off function, and also connect the SB4551-D5 with the SmartCast app.

Sound Performance

If you’re looking for home speakers to let you enjoy your home theatre experience, the Vizio SB4551-D5 is a sure option. The slim sound bar plus the flat subwoofer delivers an immersive performance. There are other sound bars in the market that claims a powerful sound, however once tested, many do not even survive, being weak and even distorted. The Vizio SB4551-D5 does the contrary, with its performance to be very impressive, showing excellent performance, strong audio, and even surviving the deep, high volume without showing signs of weakness and distortions.

The Vizio sound bar produced a surround stereo sound, while its surround speakers delivered a powerful dynamic performance being able to fill the entire room. While playing some movies, we didn’t observe any problems with the dialog at all as the dialog maintained to have an audible and clear quality. Alongside with the sound, the bass was even more impressive with the SB4551-D5 to play loudly, with a powerful oomph of bass, while not being distorted.


Let’s cut to the chase: if you are considering buying an audio component, home speakers, or a sound bar for your home theatre, then the Vizio SB4551-D5 is a smart choice. Our test with the SB4551-D5 is great, proving it to have very considerable features and performance that create an immersive, highly enjoyable home theatre experience. And unlike any other companies that offer the single sound bar or speaker that delivers the usual audio experience, you can enjoy and benefit a lot more from the Vizio SB4551-D5 only at a $500 price tag.