Zvox may still not be a household name for many audiophiles in the market today but we think that the brand is going to be known well because of its amazing product. According to Tom Hannaher, the founder of Zvox, their new sound bar, the Zvox SB500 will be considered as the best sound bar that you could own for your home theatre speaker system.

While this may be such a high claim for a newbie in the audio ecosystem, it could be somewhat proven because of its surprising features and performance. The Zvox SB500 does have some uniqueness to it, a very decent sound quality, and a good value for your money compared to other sound bars with premium prices.

The sound bar is available in the market now and retails at $650.



If you think that the SB500 has cheap build because it sells at a more affordable price than others, then that impression is wrong. The sound bar is made of a tall brushed aluminum box with solid metal speaker grille and both sides covered with an attractive rubberized plastic. One side of the sound bar is where the controls are found while the other is where the bass port (for preventing boominess while wall-mounted) is contained.

The SB500 has 3-channel systems comprised of three 2-inch drivers from, left, right, and center part of the sound bar. It also comes with a pair of 4-inch bass woofers.

As mentioned, one side of the sound bar, on the right is where the controls are found, including in which lives four character displays: power button, volume up and down, and information on volume and input selection.

Aside from that, the Zvox SB500 also features the Intellivoice (which helps process better dialog for the hearing-impaired) and the bass-limiting circuit (which gives full and powerful bass without distortions).

There are also inputs that are integrated in the sound bar including a single digital connection (coaxial or optical), an analog input for stereo, and the Bluetooth input or connectivity. A remote control also comes with the package.



We had some first impressions with the Zvox SB500 when it comes to its performance and testing the sound bar with tracks and movie streaming had truly surprised us big time. We were impressed with how this sound bar is a great addition in your home theatre speaker system because of its big sound that is quite bigger than a lot of slim designed sound bars we have tested.

We checked the sound bar’s performance with tracks from the new deluxe album of Sia’s “This is Acting” as well as tested it with the Blu-ray version of the 2016 “Star Trek Beyond” and the SB500 delivered amazing sound quality. The sound bar punched above and sounded very clear, detailed, and dynamic with an absolutely immersive experience.

As for the bass, you have to note that the Zvox SB500 lacks a subwoofer (similar to the Yamaha YSP-1600 by Yamaha) and if you are one who loves streaming bass-filled tracks, then maybe you can consider other speaker system for that. However, don’t be too dismayed because the SB500 has still blown small, difficult bass performance from its available speakers which are already enough for us.


The Zvox SB500 is one sound bar you should consider buying for your home theatre speaker system. The sound quality is genuinely excellent, the bass and treble were well-balanced while streaming tracks and movies and the design is absolutely well-planned with a premium look and feel into it. The $649.99 is a really good price for such a delivering sound bar so think again and add Zvox SB500 up to your speaker system.