Sleek and Extraordinarily Practical

The Sol Republic Deck speaker is the first Bluetooth mini-speaker made by Sol Republic and roughly retails at around $200. There are a number of Bluetooth speakers currently out there but let’s see if you’ll love Sol Republic Deck Speakers based on my personal review. Based on my first look at the decks, it offers a variety of colors such as lemon lime, vivid red, and electro blue. The Deck speakers have a very compact design packed with quite a number of outstanding features. The size allows the deck to be pretty much light-weight and travel-friendly. It even comes with a travel pouch that looks pretty secure and can protect the deck from scrapes and marks but won’t do much in terms of damage from falls or bumps and other sorts of impact. One thing I do like about it is the rough texture material at the bottom of the deck because it allows you to place the deck on most surfaces without worries of the deck slipping or getting

easily knocked over. If you take a look at the Sol Republic Deck speakers, there are a few buttons on the face of the speaker that has an NFC which stands for Near Field Communication. NFC allows you to pair the deck with an NFC cable Bluetooth device (usually with android devices) by tapping them together. This instantly pairs Bluetooth between the two devices.

Multi-Functionality of the Buttons & Accessories

Volume controls are situated on the sides and a Motorola button is located in the middle of the deck’s surface.  Sol Republic speakers also have an integrated microphone each, which can be paired with the phone. You can also use it to hold conversations and the sound is pretty much clear without me having to be too close to the speaker. With this, I am pretty impressed. Likewise, the Motorola button is a multi-function button that allows you to play and pause music, as well as answer and end calls. Holding the button will switch the speaker between outdoor and indoor mode. An outdoor mode basically gives you a volume boost for those hard to hear resonances in an open environment.

The Big Sol Republic Logo

The big Sol Republic logo on the front acts as a status light to let you know when you have incoming calls, or when you are searching or connected to a device. It also lets you know the present battery level while charging. The battery of the deck speakers gives you a maximum of about 10 hours of usage especially when used at optimum volume levels, and I didn’t have to charge it frequently which is absolutely a great way of saving energy consumption.

It also comes with a dual port wall adapter which is very convenient if you prefer to charge the deck as well as stay connected with the device at the same time.  There are a few buttons and some ports on the top of the deck. The switch on the left allows you to switch between three different modes. Meanwhile, the 1st one allows you to pair the deck with another Bluetooth device, while the heist mode allows up to five people to stream and share music to the deck. Finally, the 3rd button enables single user mode.


The deck accessories also have a 3.5mm line in and out, and these are useful so you can use the line out to plug the deck into a bigger speaker, and at the same time use the Bluetooth to control the music from a distance. The line allows users who don’t have devices that support Bluetooth to still use the deck with an auxiliary cable, and finally the micro USB port to chart the deck as well as the power button. If you want to be the only one to control the music, you can use the highest mode or just simply lock the device.

Let’s Talk About the Sound Quality

Generally, the deck has really great features. First off, the sound quality is pretty much remarkable for a mini-speaker. The deck offers 360 full-sound which is supposed to hit you from all angles, and it works so well since the speakers are facing upward. The deck even includes a subwoofer which is quite astonishing considering its mini-size. If you are looking for a great bass performance, the deck packs up tons of it, and the vocals are actually clear and works well with most genres. The sound is certainly loud enough to fill a room and if you’re going outdoors there is a mode for that as well.


So, do I think that the deck is worth the $200 cost? I think that depends on what you are gunning for. If you are seeking for feature-packed Bluetooth mini-speakers, then I definitely recommend this as amongst the best you’ll find out there. However, if you don’t care about size, there are some other options in the same price range you might want to consider. Although, I’m not sure if they pack as many features as the deck speakers, I personally like the deck and the entire technology that it offers.