With the rapid advancement in technology, the unending development of new and improved gadgets is no longer a surprise. Aside from smartphones and super computers, even portable speakers are now taking the digital market by storm.

Portable speakers are now designed to cater to different needs and demands. Some, if not most of our day-to-day tasks and hobbies involve constant communication and inspiration from different song genres. For instance, professions directly involved in music will highly benefit from lightweight and handier versions of audio speakers, while managers of both small and large-scale firms require a reliable sound system for them to be able to set up important meetings and conferences with their employees.

But, with the dozens of modernized features available, determining the right kind of portable speaker for you becomes a lot trickier than expected. To aid you in your quest, below are some key points you must consider before purchasing a wireless speaker of your own.


Bluetooth connectivity

Convenience is the operative word of an ideal wireless speaker. Therefore, it must primarily feature excellent Bluetooth capability. This feature allows music streaming between two Bluetooth capable devices such as tablets and smartphones, while maintaining the quality of the sound or audio being played. Additionally, the speaker’s circuit design should be able to minimize white noise, produce optimum frequency response, bass, treble and ambience even as the user switches the sound being played to a louder volume. While most Bluetooth connected portable speakers are able to play music at a distance of up to 30 feet, our UE Boom and UE Mini Boom speakers can play audio files at a wider range of up to 50 to 300 ft.

Battery performance and charging capacity

Similar to other hi-tech gadgets, portable speakers also require ample time for recharging. Usually, speakers containing more advanced features are more likely to have shorter battery life. If you are someone who is always on-the-go, opt for models or brands with built-in rechargeable batteries or those with USB ports and cables. This way, you won’t have to be constantly looking for a power outlet to charge your precious portable speakers.

Special features

All portable speakers nowadays each come with distinct characteristics that set them apart from other brands. Some have wireless compatibility with a wide range of devices while there are those with built-in control buttons for easier music and sound navigation. Likewise, our products at Portable Speakers contain a variety of innovative designs, such as high water and shock resistance and remote control applications. Also available in our list of superior portable speakers is the bullet-proof technology exhibited by Altec Lansing Life Jacket.

Affordability and versatility

Always choose a product based on the functionality and feature that best complements and responds to your demands and needs. Whether it is for personal or professional use, your portable speaker should be able to provide you with maximum satisfaction, day in and day out. Last but not the least, stick with a portable speaker that is efficient and budget-friendly at the same time. Otherwise, you might regret spending a fortune over a number of features that are incompatible to your particular lifestyle.Indeed, what would life be without sound or music? And how differently would we be able to perform tasks or gain inspiration without the help of portable audio devices? At Portable Speakers, we make life easier and more colorful for homeowners, office workers, students and even partygoers through our range of topnotch products. By combining classiness with efficiency, we equip our customers with outstanding indoor and outdoor portable speakers and revolutionize your exposure to life’s most be