For the past years, many companies have created portable speakers just to satisfy our ears for excellent high fidelity sound. These portable speakers have been awesome but many of these lacked one feature: they were not wireless. If you had one of those wired portable speakers, you probably have witnessed all the problems related to having this kind of devices.

Surely, you must have experienced getting all wired up with it! Imagine all those cords and wires getting coiled in your table like vines, those power cords resting on the floor like snakes and ready to catch your foot and trip you to the ground. These are just so irritating.

All wire-related, if we may call it, are typically true. We have experienced all of this and the portable speakers that have been designed to work with wires have truthfully caused us some inconveniences and problems. If you’re tired of that but doesn’t want to give up your being of a music lover, an audiophile, or a portable speaker enthusiast, then it would be best for you to consider having the current trends of portable speakers today, especially for this 2016.

For the past few years, wireless devices have been an emerging trend in the field of technology. Start from the wireless phones which made telecommunication mobile to all the wireless appliances that can all be linked together to create a smarter home, all of these things have contributed a big part of achieving people’s needs and demands for convenience, faster pace, and many more.

For the audio electronics industry, everything started from designing all of their creations with wires but since you are already in the year where connectivity is made better, wireless portable speakers are absolutely a well talked about. Wireless portable speakers are being evolved with different features, style, design, functionality, and even connectivity. Connectivity makes wireless portable speakers to be wireless and this kind of feature have surely provided its part of bringing convenience, compatibility, and fun to all users.

To cut it short, if you are one who may be tired of having wired portable speakers or one who considers having a wireless portable speaker as a great new devices for yourself, then arriving to this part of the article surely interests you. You are in the right page. There are many wireless portable speakers that dominated the market today and it is surely a challenge to choose the best one for you. That’s why we are here to help you find the best wireless portable speaker. This is our Buyer Guide 2016: What to Know When Buying a Wireless Portable Speaker.

What are Wireless Protocols?

Before buying a wireless portable speaker, it is best if you will know the different wireless technologies, or commonly referred to as “wireless protocols”, that makes all portable speakers wireless. Check them out below.

This is undoubtedly the most commonly used or the most known wireless protocol. It has been very successful in its implementation that this wireless protocol is being used in different technologies, including in smartphones. It is also the cheapest method of connectivity because it does not require a network for it to connect.

The advantage of having a Bluetooth-enabled wireless portable speaker is that it can be easily paired between devices however using this wireless protocol can limit the wireless range for up to 33 feet as well as adversely affect the sound quality.

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When it comes to the best created technologies of today, Wi-Fi is absolutely considered to be one of them. It has created a huge opportunity in different aspects of connectivity. For wireless portable speakers, this remains to be one of the best wireless protocols to be used. Wi-Fi can be used with a wireless portable speaker to access different services such as audio streaming services, online radios, etc. It also has the advantage to stream sound better compared to Bluetooth. Although it has better benefits than other wireless protocols, Wi-Fi may be much costly and not mobile, meaning you may only use it in your home connecting to your local Wi-Fi network.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is now becoming heavily introduced to wireless portable speakers and this is because of its capability to easily connect a device to a NFC-enabled wireless portable speaker, simply by the method of tapping, thus coming up with the feature “easy tap to pair”. It is a sure thing that having this wireless protocol to your wireless portable speaker is good but you should consider that it also has a disadvantage. Imagine if you have many wireless portable speakers around your house and in order to connect with your audio source (smartphone), you have to do the tapping many times.

This wireless protocol, developed by Apple, Inc., allows wireless streaming of different media such as audios, videos, photos, and device screens. Take note only that all your Apple devices and an AirPlay-enabled wireless portable speaker must both be connected to a common Wi-Fi in order for it to connect and work together.

This wireless protocol must be great for many Apple enthusiasts but obviously the AirPlay is exclusively designed for all Apple devices so if you have an Android device and plans to purchase a wireless portable speaker with AirPlay, then this will surely not work out.

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Things to consider before buying a wireless portable speaker

Now that you have already got acquainted with the different wireless protocols that makes a wireless portable speaker works the way it is designed, let’s proceed on the things or features that you should know or consider before buying the best portable wireless speaker for you.

1. Compatibility

          Okay, so you plan on buying a wireless portable speaker for yourself but before that, get to know what kind of devices it will be working with. The wireless portable speaker must be compatible with the audio sources it will be connected to. To give an example, if you have an Android device, you should see to it that the wireless portable speaker can be easily connected to it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Before buying an NFC-enabled wireless portable speaker, inspect your Android device to have the NFC support to it. Before buying an AirPlay-enabled wireless portable speaker, you should put in mind that it can only work with your Apple device and not with your Android device or Windows smartphone or PC.

2. Portability

           Since you decided to consider a wireless portable speaker, the feature of being easily mobile is a noteworthy. Of course, one reason you plan on going wireless is for you to get rid of all those wires and help you achieve portability. If you are someone who likes bringing your music with you, then choose the best portable speaker with the perfect size and that helps you go along your adventure.

3. Sound Quality

           You wouldn’t want to miss this feature if you buy a wireless portable speaker! This is also a factor that is significantly needed in order for you to enjoy your music around wirelessly. Take note that there are wireless protocols that affect the way music is being streamed so before deciding, it is a must that you test each wireless portable speakers based on sound quality specifically on the treble and the bass response.

4. Design

           Since the year 2016 will surely bring a whole lot of developments when it comes to audio electronics, aside from considering greatly on the wireless connectivity and sound quality aspects, it is also very important checking out the product design. How is the wireless portable speaker made? How does it look? How does it appeal to you, visually? Is the design very functional as well? Make sure that you come up with the best wireless portable speaker that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also has a value on its functionality. Such example of design with valuable functionality is the rugged/durable design, water resistance, shock resistance, added usability/dual function (such as speakerphone capability), and many more.

5. Price

           Last but not the least is the price aspect. As a true blue audiophile, you must consider the wireless portable speaker’s price. Put in mind that price is purely dependent on the different aspects of the device as well. You should be able to balance the price and the benefits you get from buying a specific wireless portable speaker. If you see a portable speaker that is just good in the pricing, such as being affordable, but does not deliver to its quality, connectivity, and others, then this is something worth giving up. You should look for a wireless portable speaker that may be priced lower or higher but absolutely brings the best value for you.

Wireless portable speakers are being much more demanded compared to wired portable speakers. There are many reasons why many audiophiles go on giving up and cutting all those wires and cords just to get a wireless portable speaker. If you are one who considers listening to your music wirelessly now, then what the year 2016 will surely introduce you to a whole lot better versions of wireless portable speakers. Let’s all just wait and see.

From this wireless portable speaker buying guide of 2016, we hope that we helped you on buying your new wireless portable speaker!

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