Between these two, wired portable speaker and wireless portable speaker, what are the important things that you really need to know? What’s the difference between a wired portable speaker and a wireless portable speaker? We’ll give you all the information about wired portable speaker vs. wireless portable speaker.

With all of the things going around and being developed nowadays, when it comes to audio devices such as portable speakers, the concept of “wireless technology” has becoming more proliferated and much used than the tradition. So for wired portable speakers that has been a traditional device for many audiophiles, the development of wireless portable speakers may be overwhelming and/or exciting for them.

The question is, does a wireless portable speaker outperform a wired portable speaker?

An example of a wired portable speaker is the Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

If you are about to make a purchasing decision, whether to choose between a wired portable speaker vs. wireless portable speaker, making the tough call still depends on a lot of aspects.

For many, apparently a wireless one would be an instant choice. If you are looking for a portable speaker that can satisfy your ears with some amplified music, you should probably be looking through a pile of wireless portable speakers.

A wireless portable speaker is an answer to all those wires you need to untangle for long. It is also the solution for all wire-related cases like having to plug in the device while in use, which can bring you inconvenience if you want it to be handy and mobile.

Although there are some wireless portable speakers that requires to be plugged in for it to work and also those that needs to be recharged, having these portable speakers can still be an option especially if you are basing your choice from portability and compatibility with modern devices and gadgets like your smartphones and tablets, all of which are supported with wireless capabilities such as Bluetooth, DLNA, Wi-Fi, and AirPlay.

A wireless portable speaker outperforms a wired portable speaker when it comes to portability and compatibility.

One wireless portable speaker that has been much talked about is the Bose SoundLink Mini

Alternatively, you can also consider the ability of wired portable speakers. In most cases, these wired portable speakers still perform better than wireless portable speakers. Why? It is because of the many wireless protocols that are being used which at all the time reduces the quality of sound being streamed.

As wireless ones support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi which are very much used today but if you are that person who invests more on high fidelity sound, choosing a wired portable speaker would be a really smart choice (that is if you’re also not bothered by all those wires that you need to plug in and untangle).

To cut the long story short, a wired portable speaker outperforms a wireless portable speaker when it comes to audio quality.

Choosing between a wired portable speaker vs. wireless portable speaker is a tough call to make. But having to choose between these two still all depends on which device best suits your needs. If you love taking your music with you anywhere, then you should probably consider a wireless portable speaker but if a better sound quality is important to you, then you should probably consider a wired portable speaker. In short, which one outperforms the other? The answer depends on your requirements and primary need.

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